Adsense? What Is That?

What is adsense

Adsense is among the primary profit generators for blogs and sites. Usually you are  able to drastically improve your click-through rate and total net by placing the  advertisements wisely, by improving the material targeting or by optimizing the ad units  directly. Below I will cover the last point, how to optimize the Adsense units with 8  simple tips:
1. The three top performing ad units are: 336×280 large rectangle, 300×250 inline  rectangle and 160×600 wide skyscraper. Think about using those units if possible, but  bear in mind that other formats would be more appropriate for your site design.
2. The more successful link color is blue. This info is connected with the roots of the  Internet where all major sites used to feature blue links. We as buyers are used to this  style of link and it works.
3. Aside from blue links you are able to also use a link color that matches the pattern of  your site (i.e. if you use green links make the Adsense links of the same color).

4. As a general rule of thumb, blend (no border, same background) your Adsense units  if your site has a light color scheme and contrast (border, contrasting background) the  units if you’re using a dark color scheme. The more organic you make the ads look,  usually the better the click through.
5. If the advertisements are based within the content you should avoid using borders  while advertisement units outside of the content can use borders to call attention.
6. If your site has mainly repeat visitors (like Forums) you are able to rotate the  background color of the units to cut back advertisement blindness
7. Consider removing the “Advertise on this site” message from your units. That can be  done on the control panel under the “My Account” section, disabling the “Onsite  Advertiser Sign-Up” feature.
8. Test, test and test. Every website is unique so make sure you test with different  colors and formats and track the results to fine tune your Adsense. For a first time ad campaign, Google AdSense is a great way to get started and earn  your first income. It’s easy to implement into WordPress with a plugin and runs itself;  and depending on your niche you can earn a good income. However, using AdSense in  the make money online niche will not earn as much as affiliate ads targeted to your  readers. The payments I have experienced are a few dollars at most.
Due to the simplicity of Google’s AdSense program it is worth taking some time to  create a campaign and run it on your blog. Test it for a while and if you find it isn’t  working for you then move in to affiliate ads or another form of advertising. But as  mentioned some niches work much better than others.
Successful Advertising Tips
If you are planning to advertise on your blog, as discussed earlier you can use Google’s  Adsense program. It’s the biggest online market for internet bloggers and most  individuals who advertise on a blog do very well from most forms. How come? Most of  the time it’s about market research. However if you would like to maximize your chances
of advertising, with other forms i.e. individuals these eight tips below will help you.

1. Make sure your blog is generating traffic This is the most crucial factor. If you want to advertise on a blog with success your blog  has to have steady traffic and hits. You can monetise from the word go with Google’s
Adsense program, however it is a good idea to find out what your readership wants  before you advertise to the world. This creates a good measure ‘knowing your readers’  and what they would like to buy.

2. Work on your trust rating Each member on the internet has a trust rating, and most advertisers will check you out
before placing their bids. In other words, the higher your trust rating, the higher the  chances of advertising on your blog. As a result you should take all the actions to  improve your trust and who you are. Advertise all social media accounts, display contact  form and contact numbers. Displaying valuable content is essential for building trust and

3. Don’t hype your description If you want to sell advertising space on the your blog, the more hype you put in your
blog description, the more people will think you’re desperate to advertise and that your  blog isn’t a solid one. Examples of remarks you should avoid include: “Huge earnings  potential!”, “A lifetime opportunity!”, “My loss is your gain!” etc etc.
Secondly, don’t hypothesize what the blog could be earning. Some people list blogs that  are making $10 per month currently, and they go on saying: “This blog has the potential  to make $4,000 per month easily!” If you knew this for certain you would not be selling  the advertising space for such a low price. Know your numbers and provide accurate  stats when offering advertising space.

4. Answer to every comment Even if you write a crystal clear description people will still have questions, and they
may ask them through your own advertising page comment section. It’s important to  answer to every single comment, as this will encourage other commenter’s and readers  to want to advertise on your blog, it will also improve the overall credibility of your blog  and your advertising methods.

5. Have a plausible reason for advertising One of the first things people will ask you is why you are advertising? If there is no  plausible reason, they will rightly assume that the blog maybe a scam or simply a  reason to make money, and that you want to get rid of it before it becomes worthless. In  fact it would be a good idea to include the reason for advertising. You definitely need to  find a good advertising campaign that fits with your blog. A one which doesn’t annoy  your readers with ads that have nothing to do with you blog to. Displaying the wrong ads  can be detrimental to your readership and eventually lower your traffic stats, so be  careful when placing ads on your blogs to not annoy your readers.
Your niche should determine what advertising or monetisation techniques you want to  use. There are some techniques that will only work for some niches and not for others.  The more you grow your blog to accommodate it’s readers the more people will trustPage 8 your judgment and buy recommendations from you in the future. Get to know your blog,  and get to know your readers and the ways to get traffic before you monetize. By  providing nothing but free info with no ads, people will soak up your content and  become loyal readers. This will allow you to build!
When the time comes to monetise your blog, you will know what people want and what  ads you can make the most profit from. You can then target your readers and maximize  profits.

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