Blogging: How to Hone in on a Smaller Niche?

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Blogging: How to Hone in on a Smaller Niche?

But what do you do if the niche that you know is not one you can realistically succeed in? What if it is either too big or too small?

A niche that is too big might be something like ‘bodybuilding’. This is a massive niche and it’s an industry that has huge amounts of cash poured into it all the time. If you want to create a blog on bodybuilding, then you are going to be going up against some huge, established brands. These will include the likes of!

So, the question you now have to ask is whether you really think you can compete with a site like that is spending thousands if not millions of dollars on advertising every single day and that will already have a massive audience of regular readers. How can you stand out against that competition?

One solution is to narrow in and make your niche a little more focussed. What’s a sub-section of the bodybuilding niche that you can make your own? I’ve seen entire blogs on how to work your calves before – aimed at people who aren’t happy with the size of their calves.

If that’s all you’re focussing on and that’s where you’re putting all of your energy, then you can compete with in just that one capacity.

But a better example might be to focus on a specific demographic. That could mean fitness for the overweight, for the elderly, for women, for students, for mums or for entrepreneurs.

One of my favourite examples of a successful blog is ‘Nerd Fitness’. Nerd Fitness is a blog about fitness that is aimed at nerds. This carves out its own very specific section of a larger niche and allows it to compete with much bigger names!

You can also make a niche bigger by combining it with other topics and other ideas. Nerd fitness does this in a way, because the concept allows the blogger to write about other topics too – in particular nerd culture!

Then there are examples like The Art of Manliness. This is a blog that covers everything that the author considers to be ‘manly’ – from health and fitness, to style, to how to smoke a cigar. It’s a very broad concept but also one that is entirely unique in its own way.

This is something you can do if your niche is too narrow. If the thing you really want to write about is ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ then that probably is too narrow a niche to make money from on its own. So why not branch out a little bit by including other video games you like?

Geekdom101 is a YouTube personality who started out blogging about Dragon Ball Z but has expanded to include other films, tv and games and has that way built a far more monetizable brand.

Likewise, if your passion is bonsai and you want to make that subject a little larger, then how about including some other things you’re interested in that are related? Perhaps Japanese culture, horticulture, art, philosophy, painting?

In this way, you are now starting to create a brand out of your niche: creating a very distinct topic and tone that helps you to carve out your own audience while writing about the things that really interest you.

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