Blogging Strategy – Choosing a Niche


Blogging Strategy – Choosing a Niche

I promised in the last chapter that we were going to go to some rather different places in this book. That’s true but before we get to the interesting stuff, I first want to cover something more basic: the process of choosing a niche and coming up with a brand.

What you might not realize is that this is actually one of the most important aspects of being a successful blogger. Your fate is sealed as soon as you choose a brand (or fail to), so it’s very important to give this the time and the attention that it deserves.

Choose Your Niche:

First, you’re going to choose your niche. Entire books have been written on how to do this, but I’m going to simplify the matter for you incredibly by saying this:

The niche you pick should be the subject that you are most passionate about.

That is all there is to it.

You might protest at this point and tell me that there’s no money in ‘knitting’ or ‘Marvel comics’ or ‘feng shui’. Whatever you’re into, you’ve probably been taught that the big money is in health and fitness or it is in finance.

Get that idea out of your head and focus

on writing what you know and love.

This is SO important because this is something you are going to be spending hours on every single day of your life for years to come.

If you want to become a TOP blogger – remember we’re not talking small hustles here – then you need to put in the time and you need to know the subject matter like the back of your hand.

You’re going to have to write this content yourself too, which is just one more reason that it needs to be something that you understand and that you love.

What a lot of people do, is to pick a niche that they are only somewhat interested in that they think can make them money. Then they hire a writer to fill it with content and they wait for the site to grow.

This never works. It might make you some money but you will NOT become a ‘top blogger’.

Why? Because this strategy isn’t going to bring anything new to the table and it won’t have your personality.

Let’s say you’re writing about fitness. In order to be a top blog, you need to be contributing either the most comprehensive and accurate information out there so that you are a top resource, or you need to be contributing new ideas that no one else has come up with.

You need to give your unique take on that matter and provide interesting insights and ways of looking at things that other people won’t have considered.

You need to do all this in your own voice in a way that lets people know what you’re about and that makes people want to keep on coming back to your site.

If you hire a writer, then even the best writer in the world is instead going to give you content that is generic. They won’t use their own personal voice (because they are ghost writing) and they won’t contribute completely new information.

That’s because they’re writers: not experts in that niche. And even if they were experts in that niche, they wouldn’t want to give ideas that were too new, too controversial, or too unique because they’ll assume that you want to sound like you. They can’t put ‘words in your mouth’ in other words.

Only by writing yourself can you bring something new to the table. And you can only do that if it’s a topic you really know and understand.

And this is before we’ve even mentioned the fact that you have to love the subject enough to spend all that time on it without getting tired of it and moving on.

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