Deleting The Computer Virus Manually

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Deleting The Computer Virus Manually

Though rather difficult in some cases, it is not altogether impossible to find ways to counter act the negativity of a virus invasion. There are several ways that can be easily adopted to help in manually deleting viruses.

Do It Yourself

Identifying and understanding the particular virus that has taken root in the user’s computer system will help the user to take further measures to deal with the virus before it goes out of control and the damage done becomes uncontrollable. For those who are pressed for time or are simply not capable of tackling this task themselves, the
alternative of sending it to the nearest service center usually presents an ideal option. However, it is possible to deal with the virus problem manually by following a few steps provided within the system.
The first step would have to be backing up the data on a hard drive dock. This is by far the safest method of backing up files and is comparatively better than the more traditional method of backing up files on an external hard drive which does have a higher chance of the viruses copying themselves onto the external tool. For those who
don’t possess a hard drive dock, uploading the files to a cloud based storage system such as Dropbox should be considered.

Once the data has been backed up, the process of running virus scans cannot be launched. Booting the computer into a safe mode would be the first step to commence which would involve the use of the F key where the most common is F8. A Google search will inform the user on the best key option suitable for the particular system in place. The selection should include the safe mode with networking as the exercise will involve both online and software scans.

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