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QUIKGRID is a program which will read in a set of scattered data points (x, y, z) which represents a surface. The program will generate a grid from this data and then display the surface as a contour map, or as a 3d representation. The left mouse button may be used to zoom in and pan about the display. The right mouse button may be used to display information about the generated grid coordinates and data points.

QuikGrid Version 5.4 (2009, 496k: qgrid54.exe)
QuikGrid was written for and runs under MS Windows. QuikGrid may be also used under Linux/UNIX by using the WINE windows emulator. To install it run the qgrid54.exe installation program under WINE. I have tested QuikGrid using WINE releases 0.9.46 (Nov/2007) and more recently using  1.1.31 (Dec/2009) under Ubuntu(Debian) Linux. Use of the help facility is limited under WINE.

NOTE:Microsoft no longer supports the Windows help facility that above version of QuikGrid uses. I recommend you download one of the two versions below which have a functioning help facility. If you wish to use version 5.4 above anyhow it is available Here!  The help file is available as an online html document here. You may obtain a copy for installation on your computer by downloading a .zip file here.

QuikGrid alternate install from Stephen Ferrell (2016, 623k: 32 bit or 64 bit support with functioning help facility).

Stephen Ferrell has created a 64 bit version of QuikGrid and re-implemented the Help facility with Microsoft HTML Workshop. This will be particularly useful for those with truly gigantic data sets (>100 million data points). It is also nice to have a functioning help facility again.

The 64 bit version is available here.Or from Steve’s drop box account here.   (Run the program QuikGrid_x64-setup.exe)

The 32 bit version is available here.Or from Steve’s drop box account here.   (Run the program QuikGrid_x86-setup.exe)

The full source as implemented under Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is also available (see link below). This will be of particular interest to programmers who wish to alter the code.

Stephen Ferrell may be contacted at .


More information about obtaining the source code is available here.

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