How Bad Can A Virus Attack Be?

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How Bad Can A Virus Attack Be?

A viruses in itself, is a very damaging program and when unleashed on a computer system, the damage can be quite devastating to say the least. Even in the mildest form, viruses can and usually do, cause a lot of damage to the user’s system.

Viruses Are Serious

It would seem that the virus is able to show the vulnerability of the user and the tools being used, while at the same time these viruses are able to display just how innovative the inventor can be if there is a need to inflict online damage, without any actual physical intervention. Phenomenal numbers have been documented within the very small window of time that it takes to cause devastating damage to a computer system. Some of the damage done will not be able to be rectified, thus causing the user to lose all the data permanently. Applications can also be lost but usually it is fairly simple to download again but this is not so possible when it comes to data lost. Viruses are usually designed to represent a small piece of software that latches onto existing programs until it is activated and then launches into damage mode. An example of such would be the almost unavoidable use of spreadsheet software, as this particular application is bound to be open often thus making it an ideal place to attach the virus to. Email viruses are also another area where there are usually devastating results from the invasion of a virus. This is especially so if
the user tends to open attachments without proper care or scrutiny. Trojan horses are also another simple computer programs that claim to perform with one objective, but usually comes with the intention of infecting the user’s system with a virus.

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