How To Identify A Dangerous Website

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How To Identify A Dangerous Website

Being weary of opening just any site would be a good practice to incorporate into the browsing exercise whenever one is participating in online activities. However, curiosity tends to get the best of the individual and the attraction to indulge in opening the site becomes just too much to resist. In the event of this predicament unfolding, the individual should first take some precautionary measures to ensure the action does not become regrettable.

What To Look Out For

The following are some preventive measure that can be applied to help limit the possibility of a virus infection from opening an unsuspectingly dangerous site:
• Before actually viewing a link, the user should first conduct an analysis on the site and this is done by right clicking on the site and selecting the option to “copy link address”. If the link appears to have a shortened URL, then this would be unshortened before the testing is done. This can be done by simply pasting the shortened URL to the
site and this action will provide the user with the actual whole URL link thus enabling the complete URL to be keyed in for testing.
• Using URL Void is also another option as this will allow the system to run a check on the site against the databases of many reputable engines and domain blacklists. However even this is not a full proof deterrent as there are some sites that contain viruses but have not been detected thus the certification given is positive based on the no adverse reports filed or documented by users.
• Using the Comodo Site Inspector is also another recommendation as this is able to provide effective identifying
exploits and also queries from a huge list of sites already known and noted to be dangerous. Although this method does take a little longer than the user may be comfortable with, it is certainly worth the wait.

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