How to set up your computer network


How to set up your computer network

Due to the advancement in technological breakthroughs, it is becoming more popular to set up one’s own computer network without having to enlist the expertise of others. However in doing so, the individual should be aware of all the elements that contribute to a complete computer network. The following are some instructions that can be easily managed should the individual decide to set up a computer network:

 Perhaps the first step would be to determine the need for either a wired or wireless network. This will eventually be a very pivotal point for the business entity. Points that would help to determine this would include considerations such as budget and security. Wired networks would be more suitable for higher security needs.
 There would also be a need to acquire the necessary equipment based on the infrastructure of the business entity. If there is a need to have a wired network that would have to accommodate large number devices, then there may be a need to have the support of those who are able to handle such tasks. If a wireless network is chosen, then there would be a need to have wireless access points, and ideally this should include internet connectivity that is both reliable and consistent.
 Determining the IP address scheme to be used and the corresponding IP addresses to the serves on the network would be another task that would need attentions as this is an important element that facilitates the connectivity of the business. Among the more popular choices would be Vista, and Windows 7 which are based on operating system that determine the network discovery processes.
 There would also be a need to select the workgroup name and assign it to all the computers on the network. This can be done by following the steps recommended for this action.

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