Managing your network with network monitoring tools

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Managing your network with network monitoring tools

When it comes to managing a network, the user would ideally have to consider several connecting issues and this would include methods, processes, procedures and toll that would ideally assist in maintaining and provisioning the system in place.
Elements such as operation deals with keeping the network functioning smoothly and efficiently would require the monitoring of the network to spot problems before they create dire consequences and address them accordingly. The administration deals with keeping a firm hold on the resources within the network and how the assignment processes are decided would ensure the network is kept under control and manageable.
The issues of maintenance is also another common concern with the need to perform repairs and upgrades being the main focus most of the time. This could take on many forms and there should ideally be a good support system in place to ensure these are done in an efficient and quick manner.

The support for the network to be able to provide optimal service platforms is also something that is important enough to be a concern for the user. Provisioning elements are concerned with configuration of resources within the network as the support given would have to include the setting up of the network to ensure new customers are
kept in the loop always.

The FCAPS also depicted to represent fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security are all functions that are performed as part of the network management coordination. This exercise would entails other works such as controlling, planning, allocating, deploying, coordinating and monitoring of the resources that pass through the network simultaneously as any given time. Data management is often collected through several mechanism where there are agents installed within the infrastructure, synthetic monitoring that simulate transactions, log activity and real user monitoring.

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