What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a combination of strategies used to increase a website’s visibility and ranking in search engines. You can say, it is a way in which the webmasters inform the search engines about the quality of their websites, to drive more organic (non-paid) traffic by improved ranking in search engine result pages. It mainly depends on the content, structure, and links to a website. We just need to develop these things in a way, a search engine can understand better. But remember! While doing SEO to make our site search engine friendly, we should never ever forget the concerns of our viewers. We are definitely doing it for the best user experience.

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Why Do I Need To Do SEO Of My Website?

Search engines are the biggest and best sources of web traffic. You may already know the major ones, which are:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

 For sure, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc. can also generate a bunch of visitors to your website. But when it comes to the primary source, it’s always a search engine. And also, a newbie will always open google to browse anything. Same stands true for regular internet users, whenever they wanna search anything like an article content, any type of services, products or even any information.

Another big reason which is making the search engines unique is that they provide highly targeted traffic. We’ll get people on our website who are looking for what exactly we are offering. Search engines will do that on their own if we have done our website’s SEO. But if we don’t do that, search engines might not be able to find our site. In short, we’ll not be getting any traffic. Users’ search queries are the words that users type into the search bar for finding anything. Targeted traffic means increased exposure and revenue. So don’t hesitate to invest in SEO, if you want to get an excellent rate of return as compared to any other marketing option.

What If I Don’t Do SEO Of My Website?

Once your website is live, search engines will crawl it to find out what’s it about. Now if a user searches for a topic related to your site, search engines will show it in its result pages. Search engines are brilliant and continually improving their technology to crawl a website more efficiently. But still, they have limitations in their operation. This is precisely where SEO comes into action. SEO helps the search engines to know more about a website’s relevancy and some other factors, which they can’t do themselves. Rightly done SEO can give you thousands of viewers while some wrong moves can disappear your website from top search engine result pages leaving you with almost zero traffic.

Can I Do SEO?

No doubt SEO is a little bit complicated, but not that much if can keep track! The basics are easily understandable, and your way to do that can make a big difference. The Internet is full of free resources to learn it, including this wonder SEO Guide. Just learn then add some practice, and you are ready to go expert in that niche…! If your website is complex and you are not willing to learn and implement each and everything, you can seek the help from experts to take care of the things for you. But remember: Having a sound knowledge of the core concepts of SEO is a must…!

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