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YouTube skills

If you want to be a successful blogger, then you should highly consider becoming a successful blogger. This is absolutely one of the most effective ways to help people discover your brand, to communicate with them what you’re all about and even to make sales.

YouTube can make a lot of money and if you get a few thousand views per month on all your videos it can very nicely supplement your income to help you blog full time. It also elevates your brand in a big way because video is something that takes skill and the right equipment to create.

Anyone can post to Twitter, but if you have a YouTube video with high production values, crisp video footage and great editing, then people will think that you must be a pro!

This is a much more personal form of media, a much more persuasive one and one that exists on a platform where it’s relatively easy to do high quality SEO and get to the top of big searches.

Just take a look at a brand like Charisma On Command. This brand started as a blog and got relatively nowhere. They then introduced a YouTube channel and exploded seemingly overnight. The same can happen for you, as long as you know how to manage it.

So where do you get started?

The Basics

First, you need to decide on the kinds of videos you want to create. This should be easy enough, seeing as you already have your brand and probably (hopefully) a personal brand. You’ve taken a look at your presentation and you’ve learned through Instagram how to make things look desirable.

Now you just need to polish up your elocution (speak more slowly to sound more confident) and choose a nice backdrop and you can consider to send that message of success and style.

Again, posting frequently is one of the most important things you can do and so that means you need to create shorter videos that will convey snippets of information. The great thing as well is that you can be relatively informal in your delivery.

YouTube is a platform where people love personalities and if you look at some of the top channels on here they all have a very conversational and candid manner. A real ‘vlog’ actually involves someone bringing a camera with them through their daily routine and narrating it!

There’s nothing wrong with engaging in the hobby or passion you’re writing about, getting out your camera and then just riffing on a topic close to your heart.


What does matter though is the production. The higher quality your videos, the more successful they’ll be.

Start with video quality: your videos should at least be 1080p HD and that means you need a decent camera. Ideally something like a Lumix with a flip screen so you can see yourself while you record. That said, a smartphone will do fine if it has decent autofocus and a high quality sensor.

Actually, more important than this

though is lighting. Your videos need to

be bright which means you either need 1

to stand near a window or you need to

make the relatively small investment of

a decent softbox.

This will provide lighting for you that looks professional and make a huge difference to your videos.

A similar quick and easy upgrade is to

get better sound. You can do this with an external mic or with a lapel mic. The Snowball Mic from Blue Yeti is one that many vloggers recommend.

Finally, you need to have good editing software so that you can put this all together.

You’re going to want some decent background music (commission some from a composer on and you’ll want a decent ‘video opener’ (ditto).

Place your logo in the top left. Then stitch all this together and sync your audio track using something like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

Now with your video component your audience will feel that they can get to know you and you can start to cross promote across all your channels.

Add your YouTube channels to your blog posts by embedding them and tell people on YouTube why they should definitely follow you on Twitter and check out your blog.

Of course the plugins we discussed mean that when someone visits your site, they’ll be able to see all the media you’re creating on all the different platforms!

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